League Property Management provides services in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Our goal is to lead the way when it comes to real estate, meeting the needs of our customers and producing developments that will be a benefit to the community for a long time to come.

With expertise, authority, and reliability on a multi-state level, League Properties Management provides is a fully integrated firm that manages the entire process including acquisitions finance and refinance, new partnerships formations, property management, rehabilitation and re-position. Our division is well capitalized and has the proper strategic and financial structure background. Through a network of bankers, brokers county auctions and other resources we have opportunities that may not always be known to the general investment community.

As advisors with stringent underwriting experience through the structure of large and small business models based on collateral and cash flow. With access to volume of properties we have the ability to make calculated short-sale offers in high rental markets that are overlooked, which allows potential for great cash flow opportunities.

We are looking for investments, by acquiring properties that can be renovated and re-positioned to generate substantially higher rental growth and cash flows. Our in-house construction capability enables us to complete renovation projects at substantially lower costs than many other companies in our market. We have a thorough understanding of tenant needs and expectations, due to our detailed market research and vast experience . We apply our insights in providing services and making improvements that not only are cost effective and generate the highest cash flows, but also have the most value to tenants.